Trick or Treat? Nothing, just a hot Halloween

Hey cocksurfers,

How was your Halloween? Mine was excellent and I want to share it with you.

On my last post I talked about one Halloween Gay event that used to take place in the neighborhood of The Castro, in San Francisco.

I also related Halloween as a gay liberation. It’s an event where gay people –in the closet or not- have the perfect excuse to express the way they want and fulfill their fantasies.

Well, I don’t know if I fulfilled my own fantasy this last Saturday when I assisted to one Halloween party in Mexico City, but I can say that I had good fun… and the end of the night was even better.

catrinThough I had disguised myself in other occasions, it was my first time in a country where they celebrate Halloween and the Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos), so I was quite excited about it.

I decided to put on some make up to look like a catrin, the male version of the typical Mexican skeleton. And I have to say that I looked quite cool.

After that, I went to a party with a couple of friends. And when I arrived there I got in shock. There were about 30 people, all of them really (and horribly) well-dressed up. From Freddy Krueger to the mummy. From superheroes to a half-naked Jesus. But as usual, I fell in love with Satan.

No shirt and shorts, red skin (painted, obviously) and big eyes with some yellow contact lens on. Quite athletic and with two big horns attached to the forehead. He couldn’t be more Mexican, he couldn’t look so hot and he couldn’t be so enigmatic.

Día de los muertosWe spent half of the night watching each other but not saying a word. I’m not usually shy but I have to say that his hellish resemblance kinda made me feel uncomfortable.

After a few shots of tequila, the group decided to go and visit a cemetery (panteón), where some people still goes to spend the some hours with their relatives, and they drink and eat with them. It’s a very nice and touching tradition.

It was in the panteón when we started to talk. Just a few words… as if he was teasing me all the time. I couldn’t be more excited. At a moment, he touched my hand and then grabbed my waist… pushing me against him. He whispered me a couple of words… but nothing else happened. Just a skeleton and the devil himself talking together… during the Halloween night!

It was quite bizarre, though. Surrounded by real dead people. So luckily all my friends decided to return to the apartment and tell scary tales.

Back home we had the chance to seat together. I’ve always loved ghost stories so I was quite into the tale when I started to feel a hand in my pants, progressing above my leg.

Mmm… he unzipped me, and I didn’t know if I was comfortable or not with being touched in front of so many friends, but fortunately I had a blanket covering me and I was freaking hot… so I let myself go.

He spent some time playing with me and then, abruptly, he stood up without saying nothing. He went to a corridor and disappeared.

I waited a few minutes until I followed him and I found him in the very last room. I usually like to talk to the people I fuck, but this time it was different.

I understood that we were all playing the part. So we got naked in silent and started caressing each other and kissing as if Hades was taking me away.

He got the control totally. And, at some point, I felt even released because I was wearing my makeup and I felt like somebody completely different.

I played dirtier than ever… I remembered my last post.

satanillustrationHalloween is about remembering the ones that got away, it’s about having fun and it’s about feeling free. For one night, you can be somebody else… and this is extremely cool.

Next day, we had a shower together. The passion between each other seemed to vanish as soon as the make up disappeared as well.

We exchange telephones, but I don’t know if we are going to meet again.

It was a scary and a beautiful night, and maybe we were just meant to be passionately and sexual as a catrin and Satan.

Trick or treat? For me, the best sweet.

By Mtí Q.


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