Traveling abroad and feeling like an exotic fruit

Living or traveling outside your own country is usually an exciting thing. You get to know new cultures, histories, places and… men.And you will probably agree with me: The further you are from home, the more guys you get to seduce.It’s like a very simple mathematical operation:

More kilometers = More exoticness = More romances/sex.

I first realized about this when I went to live to Ecuador. I was 24 at that time, and though I had lived and travelled a few places, I had never been so far away from home. In Quito I was a ‘gringo’, a Spaniard, a white European, a conqueror. I still remember the very first time I went to a club and I noticed so many eyes staring at me.That night I talked to dozens of guys and I danced close with many others. In Latin-American’s countries people like to dance salsa and reggaeton and that night I had many teachers, even though I was honestly bad at it, like a duck dancing. I ended up with a black boy from Esmeraldas that brought me to the moon. It was funny, because I think that both of us had chosen the one who thought it was the most exotic of the place.

Gay, Blond & Gringo – A rare species in Ecuador! 

From that day, I realized that in Ecuador – where not many Europeans live – I was like an exotic fruit. Something rare and new. Something to be tasted. And that was amusing, cool and a bit overwhelming, especially if you don’t like to get that kind of attention. It can be also dangerous, because you get rapidly use to it, and it’s hard when you discover that maybe you’re not so hot… you’re just different from the rest. Overall, I let myself go for that year in Ecuador… and I had very good times. That feeling came back when I was travelling through Asia and especially now, that I’m living in México.

Gay Discotheque in Mexico City

Last weekend I visited ‘La Purísima’, one famous gay discotheque in México DF where I danced from Daddy Yankee to Kylie Minogue, and again, I felt observed. Here, I’m a ‘güerito’, someone neither Mexican nor Latinamerican. But although I had a few guys talking to me, in this country I have big “competitors”; my boyfriend and my friend Joselito. Both of them are ‘güeritos’ like me… but what’s more important, they’re totally blonds! Mexicans love blonde people. A few locals have blonde hair or light-colored eyes, so in here this is a plus. I can assure that they were like magnetos for the guys of the club; from interesting men in their thirties and forties to innocent beardless teenagers. From the moment my friends came in…. they became the most desired guys in the club! Therefore, my ‘fruit theory’ came back to my mind.

I really laughed about it when I had this one thought: Compared to them, I was just an average lima. Take a look!

Have you felt like this before? Have you lived hot situations while travelling? Do you agree with me?

I’d love to hear your stories. 😀


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