Dotting the summer season’s agenda, Pride Day events across the globe are defiantly fabulous and certainly worth attending. So, start practicing your dance moves, and just in case you have a difficulty deciding which cities to visit on Pride Day, here are our hear-picks:

1. Toronto

Toronto Pride Parade 2016

Toronto Pride Parade 2016

A magnet not only for the gay community, Toronto’s World Pride festival Taking place mid-June attracts an average of 1.5 million attendees from all over the world. For 10 days, you can enjoy colorful parades and live music performances, while at the same time discovering a fascinating city. Don’t miss Dyke March – a lesbian protest march usually taking place before the Pride parade.

2. Austin

End of August – beginning of September is the time to visit Austin and enjoy its lively music and art scene. WERK! Fashion Show is an annual tradition you will certainly love. The Pride parade usually starts at the State Capitol and is a must-attend.

3. Berlin

Berlin Gay Parade
Also known as Christopher Street Day, Berlin’s Pride Celebration animates the streets of Europe’s most festive city, attracting over 500,000 spectators.

4. London

The city of London is synonym with liberal spirit and joyous celebrations. The Pride Parade is the biggest one-day event taking place in the British capital city throughout the year. The 750,000 attendees in 2015 enjoyed a number of events, including the Pride Arts Festival and Cabaret Stage in Soho.

5. Atlanta

A vibrant gay event and the biggest Pride Parade in the South-East of the United States, the Atlanta Pride Festival aims to promote unity, visibility and self-esteem among the LGBT community. The yearly edition is usually held in October, around the National Coming Out Day.

6. New York City

Is it the Big Apple or the Pride Parade that attracts the millions? Maybe both! New York City is the place where the modern movement for LGBT rights started, while the event itself is a must-attend. New York City’s Gay Pride occurs throughout the month of June, culminating with the NYC Pride March. Other events include the Pride Kickoff Rally, Dyke March, and Dance on the Pier.

7. Tokyo

If you want to attend an Asian style Pride Day celebration, don’t miss Tokyo Rainbow Week – a colorful event gathering thousands of people on the streets of the modern Japanese capital. Yoyogi Park usually becomes the venue of fascinating fair, where LGBT artists present their creations.

8. Tel Aviv

The most gay-friendly city in the Middle East, Tel Aviv host a whole week of LGBT events every June. Tel Aviv Pride Parade start at Meir Park, crosses the center of the city and culminates on the scenic beach front.

9. Rio de Janeiro

The streets of Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro become colorful and lively every year in November, calling for an end to homophobia. Like any event in Rio, the Pride Parade is all about the beach!

10. Amsterdam

A citywide event, Amsterdam’s Gay Pride is one of the must-attend LGBT festivals in the world.

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