Tinder: When straight copied gay

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Between my straight girlfriends, this last month I’ve heard repeatedly many conversations about using this APP. Tinder is a matchmaking mobile APP that allows you to meet man and woman from your region using GPS Technology. In your profile, there’s just a picture, a name and the age. And you keep on passing photos of members until you find the one you like and send him/her a message. Easy, isn’t it? Nowadays, it has millions of users all around the world. Many couples are matched every day and many shags are arranged every night. Straight boys think it’s amazing, while some girls still debate if it’s good or bad. If it’s embarrassing or not to be such exposed to a stranger.

Gays date online since decade gaydating

What really makes me laugh is when your friends come to you to talk about this “amazing” new app that has changed their life. “It’s both funny and spicy. And nowadays is so good to have a new chance to meet people”, they say. “Come on – I always reply – Gays have used programs like this for about a decade! You’ve copied us and now you’re pretending that you’ve invented something new! Isn’t it true? I remember the very first time I used a website to meet gay people. I was 19 and there was this page called Gaydar, which was, along with the Spanish Bakala, the cream of the crop. I

had these same doubts that today many of my friends have. Who will see my pictures? What can they do with them? Who will talk to me? What if I don’t like the other user? What if they don’t like me? What if everybody judges me? Isn’t it a little bit desperate? Do you remember having these thoughts? In my case, it took a while until I realized that there wasn’t nothing bad at all with online dating.gaydating3 For me, meeting people through Internet is just another way to interact with guys. Sometimes –many- it’s about sex, and some others, to meet someone who you can share some moments and conversations with. If it’s a good day, it will be both things

Online dating vs. gay fetish

The purpose isn’t important. What’s important is to be able to use the APP with some sense, and be able to express (a little) who you are and (a lot) what you want to get using it. In our community there are a bunch of matchmaking applications. We have some of them even for specific communities, like master-slave relationships. It’s amazing how technology can help you to meet someone with your same fetishes. Or connect to people with the same hobbies and interests and from all over the world, like Cocksurfing. In this website, I’ve met guys from Rio de Janeiro to Australia or my hometown, Barcelona , I’ve had some good conversations and … yeah, sometimes these talks have lead us to something else. But who cares? My point is that I’m glad that now straight people have started experiencing this. And that they have realized that is completely normal. At least in México and Spain, from my experience, this new trend began to expand about a year ago.

I’m sure that this is positive as long as some of the old (and bad, even sexist) clichés about flirting and dating have disappeared for good. And I also laugh a lot. It took them ten years to start using massively these App’s that we have been using for so long. They always put and “Ooooohhhh” face when I talked to them that I started dating online about ten years ago. And that now I can choose between devices with location-based services and other like Cocksurfing, that allows me to meet cool people all over the world.


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