Tel Aviv the world capital of LGBT tourism

Tel Aviv: the city that never sleeps .. the capital of LGBT tourism

Israel is one of the most advanced countries in the world in terms of equality for sexual minorities. Homosexuality has been decriminalized in Israel for over 20 years and Tel Aviv is known as one of the most beautiful and tolerant LGBT destinations in the world, winning for 3 consecutive years the award as the most gay friendly city in the world Rich in history, museums and synagogues, Tel Aviv is a city where you can also express yourself, seduce and be seduced, enjoy a vibrant gay life with dazzling nightclubs, trendy restaurants, elegant boutique hotels. 

Among the most important gay appointments we remember the famous Gay Pride in June and TLV Film Festival launched in 2006 by the desire to locally promote the best of LGBT cinema. The gay community has its centerpiece in Meir Park from King George Street. But Tel Aviv is also the sea, called the Miami of the East, that with its 14 km of magnificent white sand coast, blue sea, wide horizon, sun and many people, make the Tel Aviv beach a perfect place to spend the your holiday. Also called “the city that never stops” Tel Aviv will give you the best you can look for from a holiday … be it devoted to fun, both to relax and culture. In Tel Aviv you will feel at home, a magical place where every form of gay discrimination seems to be history.


If you want sun, sea and fun, if you want a wild and over-the-top holiday, maybe you really have to consider Tel Aviv as your next travel destination! The White City is an ideal destination for a stay made up of leisure and relaxation as a gay trip to Tel Aviv is as gay as you can imagine on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

Young and modern, Tel Aviv is an unstoppable city. It is sensational, colorful and it has been able, over the years, to smooth out the political-religious differences of the inhabitants by promoting a policy of individual freedom and tolerance towards others. In this context, as early as 1975, the total freedom of the local LGBT community was ratified, recognizing the rights of homosexuals and integrating their roles in society, even at high levels.

A modern society in continuous ascent, which in 1995 abolished the ban on military service for gays giving a further push to change that became official in 1998, the year from which being gay is no longer considered illegal.
There are certainly no shortage of grievances and unpleasant events, such as the attack on Nachmani Street, at the LGBT Agudath association in 2009, which gave a jolt to the city and made the objectives of equality and freedom clearer and clearer until then promoted.

Today Tel Aviv is the free city of equality, an example and symbol for many cities that aspire to a society that guarantees equal rights for all. The absolute best time for a gay trip to Tel Aviv is June, on the Pride dates. During these days the city is crowded with visitors, the Pride 2016 has attracted over 200,000 people to Tel Aviv to attend the many events organized for the occasion, celebrate equality and march on June 3 in the streets and along the sea in a colorful ‘procession’ full of love beyond all differences. 

The Pride in the most sparkling city of Israel is far from the exaggerated, ostentatious and carnival pride that often are criticized for the excessive transgression that transpires, always good reason for fun and knowledge this pride is the expression of ‘ love without barriers, an event desired by the city and flanked by a series of other events (cultural, sporting, entertainment) that make it culturally rich and interesting, beyond the unquestioned party component that spreads everywhere The thrill of seeing Gan Meir, the central park of Tel Aviv, is packed with people the night before the parade to watch the Eurovision 2016 interpreted by famous Drag Queen and by very famous artists in the Israeli context. 

How strong is the emotion of seeing, the following day, the whole park invaded by wigs and colored balloons that move to the rhythm of music, interspersed with hugs, kisses and gestures of affection between couples and families of each mixture (sexual and from). Here is one of the meeting points citizens, a place desired by the city administration as a meeting point where they can also give help and support to those who are still a victim of discrimination. The march winds through the city streets from about 2 to 5 PM, ending on the beach, after a long walk, along the sea, where they join the crowd even a few modest carts from the parade of the costumes a bit ‘more showy.

The concert along the sea is an event of immense reach, thousands of people gather here to shout to the world their love and their rights, the pride of being themselves!

The Big Parade hosts parties organized almost every hour of the day, from swimming pool parties to nightclub nights, often in improvised premises created specifically to satisfy the large number of people. Moreover, among the great cultural events in the LGBT area the Cinema Festival is of great importance, in which many prominent and VIP characters from the international LGBT world take part. One of the greatest attractions of the city are the long Mediterranean beaches that spread along the entire coast of the city. Precisely this aspect pushes the traveler to undertake a gay trip to Tel Aviv, since here is one of the most important gay friendly beaches of the Mediterranean Sea.

We are talking about Hilton Beach, the official gay friendly beach, but not the only one since almost everywhere you feel at ease. In any case at Hilton Beach you can easily find some kiosks that leave informative material, they can give you tips for the premises and for the parties scheduled in the next evenings in the city. The atmosphere on the beach is pleasant, the view even more and the heat will be a good excuse to jump and swim into the crystal clear waters.

In short, a gay trip to Tel Aviv is an all-rounded gay journey, starting with fun, passing through culture, shopping and city history. A trip to a city that leaves its mark and will change your life!


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