Six months as the blogger: So today it’s all about you, cocksurfer

By Mtí Q.

Hey cocksurfers!

This is my 26th post in the website, and that means that I’ve been the blogger of this great project for six months!! Yabadabadoo!

To celebrate it I thought it’d be good to talk with a few cocksurfers so they can give me their point of view about it. Is it good or excellent? What can we do to improve it? Have you already met someone through it?

“I like Cocksurfing because it’s not just a dating site, but a place where you can find hosts or guests with your same interests”, says Joker (@topjoker), 52, from Torino (Italy), who discovered Cocksurfing through some members of Couchsurfing who recommended him the website.

This opinion is similar to Yunchy’s (@yunchy), 24, Leeds (UK), who thinks that Cocksurfing is the best way “to connect with other gay travellers and maybe have some fun”.

I guess that everyone who uses Cocksurfing agree with me that mixing travelling and dating is what makes it different. And here’s the story of Al-Mahdi (@lmhd20), 20, Bonn (Germany), to confirm the theory: “Dating guys via Internet was really common for me. But it got boring because it was always the same: Writing – Meeting – Having sex. But Cocksurfing allows me to meet people who share at least one passion with me: Travelling”.

He became a member four months ago and has already hosted a Swedish cocksurfer called Alex, who was going back home by car from the UK. Al-Mahdi says that he’s planning a trip in February and will definitely use it.

Damian (@damian-ca), 41, from Montreal (Canada) discovered the website through a member of Dudesnude and agrees with the rest that the idea is good… but needs more users!

As of today, Cocksurfing has 2,849 members. Quite a big number for a site that opened about a year ago. But it’s legit to think that it has to keep expanding in order to fulfil their main purpose: To connect gay travellers.

So what can Cocksurfing do to improve? Apparently, it’s all about the speed and the technology. Yunchy defines the website as “slow and laggy” and demands for more velocity.

Al-Mahdi visits the website through his mobile phone… and he can’t wait for a special app that will consume less navigation data and will allow him to chat with his Android system.

Finally, Joker relates Couchsurfing and Cocksurfing because he has been a user of the first site for years. He has the opinion that the new version of Couchsurfing ain’t good enough…and that Cocksurfing has an opportunity to seduce some members disappointed by Couchsurfing.

Al-Mahdi, Joker, Yunchy and Damian… thanks for your opinions and advices. I can assure you that the creators and designers of Cocksurfing work hard to improve the site every day.

They are committed 200% to the community!

Go Cocksurfers!

// Thanks to the users who agreed to answer my little questionnaire. Big hugs to you all!


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