Rio de Janeiro gay travel guide

Rio de Janeiro: The beautiful Cidade Maravilhosa as a gay-friendly travel destination between fun and culture

In Brazil there is a popular proverb that says: “Under the line of the equator there are no sinners”, so if you have a tropical gay paradise on earth, this paradise is called Rio de Janeiro. The carnival world capital is really fascinating, and mixes all the services of a large metropolis with a magnificent natural landscape.


Also known as Cidade Maravilhosa, the Wonderful City, Rio has been elected the best gay and sexiest destination in the world for two years. Faithful to this reputation the city offers beautiful places to know and an infinity of exclusive services for the gay public.


In the year 2012, Rio was also elected by UNESCO as the first Cultural Heritage City of Humanity, and under the eyes of one of the 7 wonders of the modern world, the Cristo Redentor, the city of samba offers unrivaled hospitality.


One of the most beautiful things in Rio de Janeiro are the services offered by gay-friendly areas (Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon). If your hotel is in one of these neighborhoods, just go to the nearby beaches; mainly on the beach of Ipanema and Copacabana you would be able to find gay flags hoisted on the tents that sell fresh coconut, caipirinha and an infinity of flavors and appetizers to even experience the astonishing (and delicious side of this enchanting beautiful travel destination).


After breakfast everyone goes to the beach to take a deckchair to finish the night’s rest and get ready to rock another night full of wonders and fun. In general, according to this area’s lifestyle, you go to the sea around 10 am, or immediately after the release of the disc because it is increasingly difficult to find deckchairs and umbrellas after 1 pm. However you can find space on the beach, just lay the towel on the soft white sand


It is very common to buy sandwiches, juice and cold tea from street vendors. It is safe and hygienic, they are controlled by the prefecture and are allowed to see food in the area. At the same time, many tourists eat only the açaì cups (an energetic dark purple amazonica fruit that is blended with guarana, strawberry and honey, with pieces of banana cut on top and müsli). It’s very good, it keeps you awake and satisfied for a really long time! Inspiration for several songs and poems, Ipanema is definitely the most beautiful beach in Rio. The beach is practically gay, but the majority is located between 8 and 9, where we can see a concentration of men in traditional bathing suits. To get there just follow Farm de Amoedo  Avenue (the gay street of Ipanema) that ends by the sea. In Copacabana beach there is a place known as La Borsa, there are so many trans girls who exhibit beautiful bodies while they sunbathe. The landmark of the beach is the remarkable Copacabana Palace Hotel, an important building of the 20s that makes everything much more elegant. Further afield is the modern Barra da Tijuca district, one of its most particular beaches is the Reserva. This is not a nudist beach, but some girls do topless without attracting curious looks for a relaxed and free environment. La Barra da Tijuca is far from where most visitors stay, so it is advisable to make arrangements to be collected by a trusted taxi to return. Near this area there is the paradisiac beach of Abricò. It is a nudist beach for even more freedom and sense of liberation. To reach the nudist beach just walk up a huge stone that divides it from Grumari. The beach is very popular for families, so it is absolutely forbidden to have sex in the sand or to photograph the others. But further down there is an easy access cliff with small natural pools, caves and a beautiful sea view to reconnect with nature and relax.


In Rio it’s easy to make new friends, whether on the beach, hotel, park, disco, bars etc. The samba guys are too nice and they introduce you to their friends, they invite you to eat, drink and dance. The Carioca nightlife is crazy, so it is normal to go to the hotel just to take a shower and rest very quickly. On the beaches it happens often to see beautiful girls who distribute flyers of the city’s planning, either disco or private parties that are in apartments or yachts. Those distracted will not lose much chance do not take these flyers, also because you see small airplanes flying over the beach and doing acrobatics to advertise big parties. At a time, private parties have their own rules, so they must write an email before going. In Rio flirt 24 hours on 24, but at the beach is quieter, since they are in energy recovery and relaxation. Beyond the fascinating Brazilian population, Rio offers a wealth of tourist attractions for those wishing to visit the city. The hippie fair of Ipanema, the museums of the center, the Cristo Redentor, the Pan di Zucchero, the Santa Tereza train, flying in a hang glider, the Botanical Garden, the Rodrigo Lagoon of Freitas in the shape of a heart, see the sunset at the beach ‘Arpoador and applaud the sun thanking his show, are things that if it does in this beautiful city. 

Finally Rio is an incredible city with an exotic mix of sensual people. The city is full of clubs, bars, parties, cultural events to satisfy any taste. Meeting point is the gay beaches, a place where you can relax and appreciate the view. A rainbow flag will show you everything, so do not worry if you do not speak Portuguese, it is mainly used body language, so you will understand on the fly. Every evening you can celebrate life dancing in the disco, but the only problem is the choice. There are festival circuits called B.I.T.C.H, The White Party, X-Demente, and events like Carnival, and the gay parade. There are tourist attractions, and if you’re into culture, Rio offers a lot of history, rich museums and beautiful architecture. Don’t skip this as going to the Rio and not seeing highlights such as the Christ the Redeemer is the same as going to Rome and not seeing the Colosseum!

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