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CockSurfing is the swiss knife for gay travelers. You will find much more than local guys & hosts, you will also get some interesting touristic information, and a huge list of activities & gay friendly locations in every city. CockSurfing connect the Gay Travelers to Gay Friendly Business local business & offer the possibility to discover the gay side from every city.

With cocksurfing you can also create and promote events in our community. If you have an upcoming event interesting to gay men from all around the world we are your platform.

Whether you're looking for or offering, this is the platform to connect with other gay male travelers

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Nov 19
Gay friendly travel guide for Vietnam

Vietnam is an up and coming top holiday gay destination. Compared to a lot of South…

Sep 28
Synergy Live 2015, another reason to visit Cape Town

South Africa, once symbol for discrimination, today an example to follow. In 1994,…

Aug 17
A thousand ways to cure homosexuality: A giant WTF

No matter how many countries accept the gay marriage or how many societies are against…

Aug 07
Milk, Stonewall, San Fran: The story behind the rainbow flag

How many times have you seen a shop with a rainbow flag hanging outside the door?…

Dec 29
Six months as the blogger: So today it’s all about you, cocksurfer

By Mtí Q. Hey cocksurfers! This is my 26th post in the website, and that means that…

Dec 29
Merry Gay Christmas… or not

Christmas is coming… and it’s full of gay stuff. I had absolutely never related…

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