Merry Gay Christmas… or not

Christmas is coming… and it’s full of gay stuff.

I had absolutely never related Christmas to something gay. It didn’t even cross my mind the image a hot gay Santa Claus or something like this… but if you just type “Gay Christmas” into Google you’ll see that there’s a whole world of things mixing Gay and Christmas.

There are some news, for example, a rainbow flag made of lights specially for Christmas that was installed last year in the most commercial street of Rome and angered the church.


There’s also time for activism; Homosexuals from Canada marched in the St. John’s Newfoundland Christmas parade for a third consecutive year to defend that LGBT should be included in the family oriented Christmas parade.

There’s a moment for (absurd) controversy: A new documentary called “I am Santa Claus” focuses on the personal lives of men that portray Santa Claus. One of them is a 73 years old gay, and this fact has horrified some (stupid) viewers.


There are even some opinions, like an article that give some clues to single gay men not to feel alone during Christmas, typically a familiar event.

And finally, many and many of the information surrounding ‘Gay Christmas’ are just pictures of hot boys dressing like Santas, elves or the Three Magic Kings. Here there are some pictures…




Some of them are hot.

Some of them, a bit cheesy.

And there are some videos, too. You can take a look at American’s men underwear Andrew Christian “The night before”…

But… where does this come from? I mean, Christmas is nowadays a big consumerism thing… but I never thought that the final meaning of the celebration was so covered by other elements.

I’m not even criticizing it, I’m just surprised.

It may be because I come from a traditional family from a small city of Catalonia. We usually spend Christmas together, the whole family as one.

It’s our moment for cherish and also for sharing time with relatives that you don’t normally see. To enjoy the company and happiness of the little ones and talk about this and that.

But nothing sexually, neither straight nor gay, comes into the conversation!

The fact that I had never related Christmas with Gay before it may also come with the fact that I’m Catalan. In my country, we have a very strange tradition about a piece of wood that shits presents to the kids, instead of Santa Claus. And it isn’t hot at all. Just look at it:


Ok, that was a little joke. But whatever it is and means for you Christmas, Cocksurfers of the world, enjoy it as much as you can. Spend time with the family if you want to, with your boyfriend if you feel like to, alone or in company, at home or in a trip to the…

Come on, just have fucking fun.

Merry Christmas to you all. And a very gay one!


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