LGBTI tourist guide for Amsterdam

The best LGBT friendly places in Amsterdam

With this historical and cultural background LGBT-friendly, Amsterdam is the perfect destination for a travel made up of happiness, openness and, most of all, fun and integration.

Amsterdam has always been a city with great spirit and freedom vibes and, in fact, the capital of the Netherlands was the first in Europe to legalize marriages between homosexual couples in 2001 as well as to allow adoption of people of the same sex. A country where gay and heterosexuals have the same social weight and enjoy the same rights: a civil achievement that many European countries are far from achieving. For this reason Amsterdam is considered as one of the birthplace of European LGBT rights. Homosexuality was decriminalized in 1811; the next step was the opening of the very first gay bar in 1927. One of the first gay rights associations, the COC, was founded in Amsterdam in 1946. In 1987, the city inaugurated the Homomonument, the world’s first tribute to gays and lesbians who died during World War II. In 1998 Amsterdam won the title of the first city outside of North America to host the International Gay Games event.

With this historical and cultural background LGBT-friendly, Amsterdam is the perfect destination for a travel made up of happiness, openness and, most of all, fun and integration. Let’s find out together which are the best city’s spots to enjoy everything the incredible and magical Venice of the North has to offer!


In Amsterdam you can find many gay bars. Of all kinds: bars, clubs and cruise bars. In short, you do not get bored. There are areas where the presence of the gay community is greater. However, we speak of the center of Amsterdam. Surroundings of Dam Square included. Reguliersdwarstraat, not far from the Flower Market, for example, is recognized as the most rainbow of the whole city, with its renowned Soho and Taboo. Also from the parts of the Amstel and Halvemaansteeg, a few steps from and from Rembrandt Square, there are several venues. While the Church, among the most famous gay clubs, is in Kerkstraat.


This historical and picturesque street crosses the center of Amsterdam, snapping from Leidsegracht to the Magere bridge over the Amstel River and crossing the popular LGBT nightlife district around Reguliersdwarsstraat. In addition to hosting numerous hotels and gay-friendly accommodations, the road is best known for the famous Club Church, a very nice meeting point for themed events and meetups.


The area along the Amstel is one of the traditional LGBT areas. Especially during Amsterdam Gay Pride and the King’s Day, the bars in this neighborhood are strategical to keep an eye on what’s going on nearby and on the water. Not only that, they usually have a stage for free shows. The Gay Pride in Amsterdam is one of the most famous gay events in the world attracting hundreds of thousands of participants. Usually, it begins on the third Saturday of July and ends on the first Sunday of August. Days in which the city breathes brand new, sparkling, euphoric, joyful air. Music festivals, movie reviews, sports events, performances and more are organized. Continuous appointments, scattered throughout the area, end with the famous Canal Parade: parade of about eighty boats running along the Prinsengracht, one of the city’s major canals, from the Jordaan district to the Amstel.


Reguliersdwarsstraat is one of Amsterdam’s most important LGBT streets to have some drink and some fun. In the late 1970s and 1980s, the street began to pop out of bars and gay clubs, contributing to consolidating the fame of Amsterdam as an international gay capital. The open minded approach is still going strong today with a major focus on integration, fun and multiethnic encounter too. It’s the right place to spend a funny night and grab some special drink in very good company in a friendly and relaxed environment.

Zeedijk and Warmoesstraat areas

The areas surroundings the Zeedijk and Warmoesstraat streets are the perfect city’s spots to find the best LGBT-friendly shopping centers and nightclubs in Amsterdam. Situated nearby the iconic Red Light District, the Zeedijk is also famous for having welcomed in 1927, first in Holland, a gay and lesbian bar: Café ‘T Mandje. This place is going to blow your mind because of its historical value, its detailed and precious interior design based on vintage vibes and all this, with a relaxed spirit and an intimate touch! If you are looking for some fun Warmoesstraat remains the best place to party and go wild. The street is rich in soft lounge and traditional cafés but it is also known to be a focal point of the leather scene: bars and clubs among the sexy shops make this place basically the right destination to start your night low key and, if you want, spice things up  things with some sexy shop tours and breathing all the freedom and reckless atmosphere of the area. An event to experience is, for sure, the one taking place in this street: remind that, Warmoesstraat is the cradle of the exciting annual Leather Pride Amsterdam, organized every year in November.

The city center

In addition to numerous LGBT bars, in the center of Amsterdam there are amazing shops and clubs as well as associations venues. The Homomonument, nearby the Westerkerk church is a good starting point because here you can find the Pink Point, the official information point in Amsterdam for gays and lesbians. Pink Point offers both information and general terms about the homosexual community of the Dam. Comprised of friendly and competent volunteers, it provides info about what is going on in the city and what’s hot in the LGTBT community. If you are looking for some cultural full-immersion you can’t skip a visit to Vrolijk Bookstore Amsterdam, a well-stocked LGBT library on two floors with a complete section of tons of material from novels to photographs and so much more.  Another great spot for some cultural time is IHLIA, an international gay and lesbian library, exploring homosexuality and sexual diversity with documented files.

Amsterdam is this and so much more! These are just some of the best suggestions to find the right place for a LGBT-friendly travel experience but, all over the city, you will be able to find openness, freedom and the right mood to explore this incredible city feeling completely at ease with yourself and with the others.

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