A LGBT friendly overview of Los Angeles

Living the city of angels in a gay friendly atmosphere: a guide to what’s hot in the LA and what are the best places to live it fully

In addition to being California’s largest city, Los Angeles is the second most populous city in the United States, preceded only by New York. Its attractions are countless, from the Hollywood district to Getty Museum, the Griffith Observatory to Venice Beach and so much more. A trip to Los Angeles is the perfect chance to live the American dream and to really full immerse into a movie-like scenario you won’t easily forget! The tons of outdoor experiences all over beaches and incredible hiking paths really make Los Angeles an absolute original city to visit with a huge natural side to explore and several attractions and places to live in the center. Actually Los Angeles hasn’t a city center as several others cities but, instead, it provides several incredible avenue for each type of interest and taste: fashion, entertainment, luxury, graffiti.. Each place is ready to be explored and, most of all, each place can be your best bet to really live your gay-friendly experience having everything you need for a various and complete travel experience. If you want some art LA has your back with some of the best galleries and expositions, if you want to go shopping Beverly Hills is right there to make your dreams come true,

Los Angeles is the perfect travel destination to discover for anyone looking for gay-friendly travel experience, but not only. Here you can find  the popular famous great Hollywood dream factory, where movie marvels come out and the LGBT community of the city is all gathered in a unique and variegated cultural block. In addition to the world entertainment capital, Los Angeles also features venues and attractions designed to satisfy the most particular tastes to help everyone feel at ease in their own skin.


The gay beaches of Santa Monica

It is worth moving from the epicenter of Los Angeles core to travel to warm and sunny lids. About twenty minutes from Hollywood West there are the beautiful beaches of Santa Monica, which for years attracting homosexual and heterosexual visitors from all over the world. If you are looking for a gay-friendly beach, just point your finger on the map and pick one at random. As for gay beaches in the strict sense, however, the most famous is Will Rogers State Beach. It is an unofficial rainbow beach, also known as “Ginger Rogers Beach”, located in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles County. It attracts tourists from around the world and also offers a small gay bar, Back on the Beach Cafe, where to dine or have an aperitif.

Los Angeles gay-friendly clubs

Turning to West Hollywood you will find a great variety of places to spend a nice evening, more or less lively depending on your taste. Particularly in the Studio City area you can find the Oil Can Harry’s. It is one of the most famous gay discos in the area, which organizes drag queen shows, karaoke and themed evenings. The most famous gay Los Angeles locations are located in Silver Lake. The LGBT community is especially gathered around Santa Monica Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard. These two streets are home to some of the city’s most important gay bars. One is Akbar, attended by people of all kinds and a very casual atmosphere. The other is The Eagle, a gay club dedicated to leather and fetish lovers.

Los Angeles gay culture centers

The Los Angeles gay epicenter is West Hollywood, a set of gay bars, lounges, nightclubs and rainbow banners. Nevertheless, the city offers a wide variety of alternatives, some of which are important from the cultural point of view. Just move around to find Silver Lake, the central neighborhood for the US alternative rock scene and LGBT meeting point. Silver Lake is about 15 minutes from West Hollywood and has a very important role in the city’s artistic life. Here are some of the greatest exponents of Los Angeles’s indie culture. Another example of the great importance of LGBT culture in Los Angeles are the ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives, affiliated to the University of Southern California. This is the largest bookstore in the world of gay, lesbian, and transgender.

Los Angeles can easily take things to the other level assuring to the LGBT community a relaxed and funny travel experience.

The sophisticated lifestyle, lively cultural scene, and creative industries contribute to making this city home to one of the largest LGBT communities in America: the West Hollywood, Silver Lake, Santa Monica and San Fernando Valley are famous. West Hollywood, in fact, boasts the largest LGBT community in Southern California, and is the site of the Gay Pride annual parade. The gay nightlife in Los Angeles is extremely intense. Among the most important venues is the Roosterfish, which for 32 years now is a meeting place for the local LGBT community, but many other venues can challenge Roosterfish the palm of the city’s most busy premises, including Faultline, Palm Bar and the Fubar. The exciting Los Angeles Faultline Hall is one of the most popular gay bars in Los Angeles and it is world-renowned for being the capital state of the gay American culture, extremely liberal and very attentive to homosexual rights, has faced several bureaucratic vicissitudes before it can completely repeal the law prohibiting marriages between people of the same sex (June 26, 2013). Because of its beauty, its liberality and the presence of gay neighborhoods that are deeply rooted in the area, this state is the most ambitious place for LGBT tourism around the world.

Between the walks on the beaches, the bars and the great nightclubs, there is a real embarrassment to choice, and who knows if, by breathing in the air of this entertaining romantic cities you may take some time to day trip to Vegas and return home not only with a souvenir but with a beautiful wedding ring!

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