LGBT community exploring London

A guide to the best place to visit and the best experiences to live

London is a wonderful city to live and explore. Rich in art, history, museums but also deeply modern and hi-tech, this is the perfect destination for a versatile type of vacation. But is this enchanting city gay friendly too?  Let’s find it out together with this little guide about London seen as the perfect scenario for some relaxed, open-minded and funny gay friendly experience.

Actually London can definitely define itself as gay friendly, so much more than other cities in Europe. It’s no coincidence that it is more and more the top choice of many gays and lesbians who find London as the perfect destination for its nightlife and the pleasant atmosphere of its bars and nightclubs.  People from  all around the globe choose London for its incredible rich list of things to do and see providing everything one may need for a complete and interesting vacation.

The Pride

The best event for all the LGBT community is, of course, the London Gay Pride. This important and incredible event  usually follows the traditional itinerary from Baker Street to Trafalgar Square, passing through Oxford Street and Regent Street. One of the most anticipated celebrations, the parade includes thousands of parades, ballet dancers and singers. The atmosphere is absolutely funny, happy and it has become a family business over the years.

The main gay friendly areas to live, explore and visit in London

The main and authentic gay friendly neighborhood is always Soho, with a special focus on Old Compton Street. However, there are other areas, such as Vauxhall, characterized by an openly disenchanted and decadent atmosphere, and other places in the city that offer a host of nightclubs for gays.  Soho is one of the most quaint quarters in London. An ever-moving, original and multifaceted universe enclosed between Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square, Charing Cross Road, Oxford Street and Regent Street. Cosmopolitan, unconventional, cheerful, eclectic, trendy, Soho is a unique place in the world. Nighttime entertainment remains the main attraction of this area, where even in the daytime you breathe an energetic, sparkling, vibrantly contagious atmosphere. Soho has a number of restaurants, from cheap to the exclusive award-winning Michelin stars, theaters, legendary pubs, trendy shops, gay friendly clubs (Soho is the favorite neighborhood by the homosexual community) and fancy nightclubs open until late at night.

We list here some of the places you can visit, depending on your tastes and needs to live London as you like!


Located beneath the Charing Cross station, it is a short walk from Soho and opens in the weekend just before midnight and then closes in the morning. It definitely deserves a visit on Saturday night. It offers an engaging dance music and welcomes a varied sample of the gay community. But pay attention to the very high prices and the impact of some of its customers on chemical stimulants. Despite this, however, the restaurant will not stop you from spending a memorable night.


This place is the second chapter of the London gay scene. It is the largest gay and lesbian club. If you want to rediscover the tradition of high volume music and cheap GAY drink rates, there is the GAY Bar, located on 30 Old Compton Street (open from 12.00 to 24.00) and GAY Late, located in 5 Yard Goslett (open from 11.00 to 03.00). Here you can spend a nice night without spending all your money. That’s why the place is very popular among students.

Village Soho

This club is organized on three floors, is the ideal place for a drink after shopping or for an evening. Dedicated to the over 18, it became from the day of its opening in 1991 a fixed appointment of the gay scene.

The Edge

The Edge extends over four floors of pure fun. During the day is a restaurant, but from the evening it becomes a very animated night . It is another Soho landmark, although it is not in this neighborhood. Here for drinking you will have to pay more than in other venues, but the atmosphere is extremely welcoming and the staff very friendly.

Pubs Ammiral Duncane and Compton

You can find them in front of the other in Old Compton Street. The nearest tube stop are Leicester Square or Tottenham Court Road.

Candy Bar

It is the first London local dedicated exclusively to lesbians. Open seven days a week from 17:00 onwards. It is just off Soho at 4th Street on Carlisle Street.
With regard to hotel accommodation, London offers gay friendly hotels that are suitable for everyone in all pockets. If you want to make a trip without spending much to sleep, the British capital boasts a range of youth hostels at extremely reasonable rates that are centrally located in the Soho district. Here you can relax and enjoy the hustle and bustle of city life.

Curiosity about London and its gay friendly’s vibes

In London the green man telling pedestrians the possibility of crossing the road is no longer alone, but in the company of a similar one. For some days at Trafalgar Square, about fifty traffic lights are illuminated with two stylized characters that walk hand in hand. The union of their hands, then, forms a heart. Men with Men, Women with Women: It is the latest initiative of new Mayor Sadiq Khan to support the Lgbt community. A temporary installation made in collaboration with Siemens at the Gay Pride Festival.

Despite the very open and tolerant mentality, occasionally there have been some homophobic episodes. The advice we give you is therefore to be cautious, especially when you are heading for the city late at night and out of the center. If you’re in trouble, turn to the Metropolitan Police, which takes great care of homophobic crimes, equaling them to racial crimes.


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