[kleo_panel style=”{standard|callout}”]You may have questions about how the CockSurfing system works, eg like how to edit your profile or change your profile picture. Here you will find a list of commonly asked questions and their appropriate answers. Click on every topic title to open or close the accordion menu.[/kleo_panel]
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[kleo_accordion_item title=”How to change my username?”]

a. Go to your Profile.

Change Username

b. You need to go to your profile and click on edit.

Change username

c. Change the name in the box where you see your current name written

Change Username

Finally save it.


[kleo_accordion_item title=”How to edit my profile?”]

a. Go to your profile.

Change Username

b. Go to “Edit” on the submenu

Change username

c. Here you can add or change the Profile information

FAQ 2.3

Don’t forget to save it.


[kleo_accordion_item title=”I forgot my username and/or password”]

a. Click on “Forgot your username?” in the layover screen”

Forgot username

b. Type the E-mail address you used in your Registration process


c. Open your E-mail inbox and look for an E-mail from Cocksurfing with te subject “Password Reset“. In this E-mail you will find your Username and you can reset your password by clicking on the link. If you can´t find the email please take a look in your spam folder


[kleo_accordion_item title=”How to close my account? Nobody want it but just in case”]

a. Click on Settings in your Profile Page submenu

Close Account

b. Click on “Delete Account” read please text and mark on “I understand the consequences”

Delete Account

c. Here is the no return point, if you close your account is irreversible.


[kleo_accordion_item title=”How to set the privacy on my pictures?”]

a. Go to your profile

Change Username

b. Click on “Album” and then on “My pictures”

FAQ 3.2

c. Click on the Picture you want to configure the privacy

FAQ 3.3

d. Click on Edit


e. Here you can choose who is allowed to see your fotos

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