Dating yourself: Couples that look like twins

Summer has ended and I’m sure you’ve seen lots of men at the beach. Some of them single, some of them in a relationship and a few of these couples… looked like twins!

A few months ago it came to the public light a page in Tumblr ( that publishes pictures of gay couples with a huge look-alike. Some of them are practically identical. Same face shape, same eyes, same haircut, same fashion style… and same smile.

Is this tendency something old or something new? I honestly don’t know because I haven’t been in the gay scene for so long, but some people have analyzed this as a response of the XXI century passion for narcissism, hedonism and ego.

“What’s sexier than dating yourself?”, resumes the title of this tumblr that was created, apparently, to make people hesitate about “narcissism, exhibitionism and sexuality”.

Since the appearance of the blog, many people have positioned itself in favor of and against this phenomenon. Some say that to have a clone as a couple is a symbol of excessive self-esteem and for some others it’s just something natural to mimic your partner after some time together.

There’s not a simple answer. And therefore some scientists have been investigating about it. Apparently, it has nothing to do with the modern world, and it could even be something genetic.

Some studies reveal that people are attracted to people who look like them, not only physically, but also physiologically and even morally.

Another research discerns about the repercussions that the social environment and even the genes have on finding the perfect match.

In conclusion, it’s not that gay men –or straight, it doesn’t matter- usually look for someone exactly like them. We only search for a special one that has similar interests and physical attributes.

This goes quite on the opposite direction of what I usually look for a man, at least physically. As I’m a quite short and skinny boy, I use to feel attracted to man taller and stronger than me, and usually a bit older. In addition, I like to mingle my brown eyes with some green or blue eyes. Actually, it’s my debility.

Therefore, you will never see a picture of me and my partner like the ones that appear posted in this tumblr.

Apart from that, I do think that couples tend to look alike throughout the years. Habits, clothes and gestures get transferred to one another. And it’s amazingly surprising how going to the same hairdresser can do to you if you want to look like your boyfriend.

But this is not something exclusive to the gay community. My parents have been together for over 25 years and, nowadays, they have the same routines, enjoy the same colors in their clothes (from beige to brown, and avoiding dark tones) and even have a similar way to speak.

It’s quite funny because, if it weren’t for the tone of their voice, you wouldn’t recognize which one of them is calling me on the phone.

Having said that, there must be something true about those ones who think this resemblance in gay couples are a symbol of narcissism.

But I don’t think it’s about fucking yourself (as if you were doing sex with your reflection). I imagine it is about playing with the sexual imaginary of twins and brothers.

Who hasn’t dreamt about having sex with two hot twins?

It is a piece of cake much more tempting.

Here’s my selection of my favorites ‘Boyfriend twins’.

Enjoy them!

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By Mtí Q.



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