The concept of ‘Fresh Meat’: Something you must know about the gay scene


After two posts talking about fruits, today I’m going to write about meat. Yes, about ‘Fresh Meat’.

‘Fresh Meat’ is a concept that my group of friends created after many years of gay expertise. I guess it’s extendable also to the straight community… or maybe we’re just wrong. But, from my point of view and what I lived, it’s completely true.

In a gay community, especially inside the gay nightlife scene, being the new one is super important. When you arrive at a new place, or you are introduced to new people, you have all eyes on you. And during that night, day or week you’ll be the centre of it. People will look at you, be interested about you and talk about you. It is your moment, whether you like it or not.

And you must be fast if you want to use that kind of power, because soon, very soon, you’ll be replaced. Sometimes, gay nightlife (and gay world) is like a stock market. And your shares can go up and down at the speed of light.freshmeat1

When you arrive to a new place you are ‘fresh meat’. Like a tender lamb, the other guys of the group -who have seen each other way too much and have probably slept together at least once- will think that you’re special, and some of them will try to hit on you. Or become your best new friend. Or… who knows. But good stuff.

But man, you better be fast. Because pretty soon somebody new will appear. And it doesn’t matter if he is similar to you or not -both inside and outside-, he will take your place as the new ‘fresh meat’.

It may sound superficial, even a little bit sad. But I think it’s just the way we work. In group, we get bored easily, and like to pay attention to new things all the time.

And if you don’t believe me, let me tell you my experiences as ‘fresh (and old) meat’ in order to convince you.

When I was 18 I moved to big London and I was working as a busboy at a gay bar. A very famous –and somehow cheesy- one called G-A-Y.
My very first day in there I noticed many colleagues staring at me. I was young and I looked even younger (honestly, I looked like a 15 years old), I didn’t speak much English and I had an innocent and naïve appearance.

Even my boss, well-known for his tendency to be with teenagers, stared at me shamelessly. It was my first experience as ‘Fresh Meat’. And my popularity, at that time, lasted about three weeks, until a hot 20 year old guy from Greece started working at the bar. That very first time, I felt a little bad. I didn’t know what was going on!

But two years later, I came back to LDN to work at the G-A-Y. By then I had grown up quite a bit, and with more facial hair and some dreadlocks in my head, I was the alternative one, and my new colleagues felt intrigued with me in the very beginning. Again, I felt like a bloody (and tasty) steak.

“Oh, Spanish guys. So different, so stylish!”, they’d say.

A couple of weeks later, a guy called Carlos, from Barcelona like me, was recruited at the bar.

Goodbye differences, goodbye style. All eyes were on him. Tall, dark skin and brown hair.

I wasn’t fresh anymore. Just an old pal looking for somebody to hook up. Boring.

The only difference it was that, this time, I knew that this would happen and I didn’t felt bad at all.

It was a lesson learned. A pretty good one.


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