Circuit Festival: Fake joy?

As I said in my last post, today I’m going to write about the Circuit Festival. Have you ever heard about it?

The Circuit Festival is one of the biggest –if not the BIGGEST- gay music festival in Europe. It takes place in Barcelona during the first two weeks of August and it reunites around 70,000 gays.

It’s an economic boost for the city because the assistants of the festival, apparently, spend hundreds of bucks in the blink of an eye. For some gay men from Barcelona is just the best week of the summer; the perfect moment to have fun with friends in one of the massive parties that Matinee prepares, and a fantastic occasion to meet (and fuck) with men from all over the world.images

But is it a win/win? I’ve spoken to some gay men from Barcelona and they have exposed their different point of view. All of them, though, are not completely sympathetic to the party. And I think it’s important to show their vision about this huge festival, because their opinion – well-hidden between so much enthusiasm- is never reflected in the media.

“I went to one party on a Saturday night. I love to be dancing in a sea of people”, says Eddie, an Italian guy that lives in Barcelona. He agrees that the festival is a good excuse to have some fun with friends, but believes that the stereotype that’s given to the gay men is quite erroneous.

“What I don’t like is that most of the gays that go to these parties are the typical ‘gym queens’, and the rest of them do not participate”, explains.

An opinion similar to Diego’s, who went to the Water Park party, probably the most famous one of the parties. “I like this party because you see all the queers with less pose. It’s very funny, but probably a new ecosystem grows in this filthy water”, jokes.

He’s very critique about one point: “It’s all about capitalism, and there’s a construction about the gay as a capitalist and a hedonist”.

“All of the assistants are muscled gay men and this is not representative of the heterogeneity of the gay community of Barcelona”, says Oriol, a 25 years old that has never gone to the Circuit Festival.

For him, it’s also about the money: “The day of the Water Park gay party the entrance is 55 euros, when usually is 26 euros. Circuit it’s just for ‘first class’ gay and tourists who come here to spend some cash”.circuitfestival

All of them agree about one point: SEX is easy to find during this two weeks.

“There’s a general excitement, drugs and hormones”, tells Eddie. And Diego adds that meeting new guys is up to oneself, but the concept of “fast sex” is in the air.

Oriol, being practical, can’t give an opinion about the Festival itself, but as a user of matchmaking app’s, has observed that during these days a bunch of new profiles appear on his area.

Whether he takes advantage of it or not, he doesn’t tell.

Circuit Festival is certainly a big time for the gay community in the city. It’s also a symbol of the gay-friendly place that’s Barcelona, and a good way to make more visible the gay community.

But as we’ve read, all these factors are real just in a certain way.

And, personally, I find quite disturbing that, for some, the festival is also a way to eliminate the diversity between the LGBT society.

By Mtí Q.


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