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CockSurfing is the first gay couch surfing platform for gay travelers, dating and maybe even sleeping at others s other people’s houses or apartments. The site is a 100% GAY and FREE social networking website, that aims to create a new and unique community for gay guys who love traveling, meeting new guys, exchanging experiences and, of course, finding new CockSurfing buddies.

CockSurfing.com aims to create a helpful guide for gay travelers and connect with other gay travelers and hosts much easier. If you are looking for a date, local tour guide, a crazy night or more, CockSurfing can help you meeting with the right guy, and help you have the best gay traveling experience. This not only saves you travel budget, but it also gives you the opportunity to meet other CockSurfers, create new friendships and to make unforgettable cultural and sexual experiences.

As a CockSurfer you will be able to create your own profile, upload photos, set up groups and discuss topics. You will also be able to post gay events, parties and other gay community activities, as well as communicate with other CockSurfers from all over the world. Whether you are planning a trip to New York, Berlin, Tokyo or wherever, CockSurfing will help you find guys in your chosen destination and will also help you dive straight into local gay scenes.

CockSurfing.com started like an amateur project and welcomes all free spirited and open minded gay guys to not only join, but to experience a whole new way of traveling! The more people who join, the more fun that can be had! So please invite and share our idea with all your gay friends.

We were too tired of looking into subcategories and groups on other couch sharing sites, Facebook or other Social Network to find other gay travelers. For us traveling and having good time are going hand in hand, we are now building a community to make this experience the easiest way possible.

It is all about sex in CockSurfing?

Not at all… CockSurfing is much more, it aim to be the swiss knife for the gay traveler.
You will find much more than local guys, you will also find some interesting touristic information and a huge list of activities & gay friendly locations in every city.
Even if you’re not looking for a date CockSurfing is the best tool for every gay traveler and locals.

We connect the Gay Travelers with hosts & Gay Friendly Business.

We care about LGBT rights!

cocksurfing LGBT
Activism and political involvement is also CockSurfing, we want to change things and we will use the platform to promote LGBT rights and criticize all what we don’t like. Of course we wait also involvement from all the members through the comments and the blog. Everybody is invited to write in our blog, if you have a social cause or you want to promote an idea let us know.

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Registering in CockSurfing is easy and free, travel the worldwide gay couches and get some useful travel information.

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