A thousand ways to cure homosexuality: A giant WTF

No matter how many countries accept the gay marriage or how many societies are against homophobic reactions, there’s still room in the world for some crazy and stupid people who believe that our homosexuality can and has to be cured. It’s called the ex-gay movement.

For example, in México there’s an association named Renacer that, according to some news, believe and offer some therapies to ‘cure’ your sexual orientation. They call it non-desired AMS (Same-sex Attraction) therapy.

gaypray2This august, in China, a man sued a psychological clinic for using an electric shock therapy to turn him straight. It was the first conversion therapy ever notified in China, a country that declassified homosexuality as a mental disorder in 2001.

If we take a look at the recent past, we’ll see numerous cases throughout the globe. And what’s even more terrifying –and useless as well- are the different types of procedures and machines created by these freaks during the years.

Behavioral modification:

This bizarre method can involve electric shock and nausea-inducing drugs during the presentation of same-sex erotic images. The end of the aversive stimuli is typically accompanied by the presentation of pleasant opposite-sex images. A sort of ‘A clock work orange’ created to turn someone heterosexual. Crazy, isn’t it?


Certain psychoanalysts –not Freud, who believed that homosexuality was not an illness- believed that, with long-term therapy, a LGBT people could resolve unconscious childhood conflicts that they considered responsible for homosexuality.

Though they did some studies, none of them clarified that that kind of therapy was useful to change ones sexuality.

Reparative Therapy:

Reparative therapy can be used as a synonym for ‘conversion therapy’ and also as a specific kind of therapy associated with Elizabeth Moberly and Joseph Nicolosi.

According to Nicolosi’s studies, “homosexuality is a form of arrested psychosexual development” resulting from “an incomplete bond and resultant identification with the same-sex parent”. Something that could be repaired doing ‘macho stuff’ like to participate in sport activities and spent some time with heterosexual friends while avoiding art museums, opera and dates with women unless it is for a romantic purpose. NO WORDS.

Sex therapy:

Created by the Masters and Johnson research team, composed of William Masters and Virginia Johnson, sex therapy consisted on turning gay men to straight by having sex with women. The methodology isn’t very clear but there were two types of processes: one was called conversion and it was for a gay man who had never had sexual encounters with a woman and the other one was called reversion and it was for gay men who’d been with women before.

Ex-gay movement:

And finally, the self-proclaimed “ex-gay” movement, that relies on individuals who formerly identified themselves to be gay, lesbian or bisexual but no longer do. After ‘eliminating’ their attraction to the same-sex, they take part of this movement that has associations and offer conferences in different countries to teach people how to find the way back to heterosexuality.

As we see, there are a thousand ways to come back to the ‘straight’ path. And it happens all over the world. For me, it’s something incredible that in developed countries there is still people that think and act this way.

Luckily, they are a minority. And, it’s getting worst for them. Last week, a former lesbian who had taken part of the ‘ex-gay’ movement called Yvette Cantu assured that the movement will be dead in 10 years.

“As churches become more gay-affirming, parents and church leaders won’t seek parachurch ministries to ‘fix’ in gay Christians what isn’t broken, said this woman, who explains that spent 20 years in the “Christian world” but never saw a person changing her sexual orientation.

gaygayHer words were reproduced in many media, which means that there’s still a perception that all theses reparative therapies are inside the society and are very dangerous.

I’m glad that the media are covering these things and keep the society informed about these bizarre methods. But I truly wish that in the near future, we will never have to hear again about conversion therapies and gay cures.

To let us be who we want to be.


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