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CockSurfing is the swiss knife for gay travelers. You will find much more than local guys & hosts, you will also get some interesting touristic information, and a huge list of activities & gay friendly locations in every city. CockSurfing connect the Gay Travelers to Gay Friendly Business local business & offer the possibility to discover the gay side from every city.

With cocksurfing you can also create and promote events in our community. If you have an upcoming event interesting to gay men from all around the world we are your platform.

Whether you're looking for or offering, this is the platform to connect with other gay male travelers

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Exploring the gay friendly side of Tokyo

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A LGBT friendly overview of Los Angeles

Living the city of angels in a gay friendly atmosphere: a guide to what’s hot in the…

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LGBT community exploring London

A guide to the best place to visit and the best experiences to live London is a…

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